About Per Magnus Johansson

Foto: Ola Kjelbye

Per Magnus Johansson

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychoanalyst, Psychologist, Certified psychotherapist.

Current place of residence: Gothenburg.

Psychoanalyst in private practice, historian of ideas, teacher, tutor and author.

Teaches at the Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion, University of Gothenburg and the Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg.

Tutor and supervisor of psychologists, psychotherapists, medical doctors and other psychiatric occupational categories as well as psychotherapists in private practice.

Chairman of the Ethical Board of the Swedish Psychological Association (2007-2013).

Authorship: comprises books and articles, translation, critical reading and publishing, in particular of historical, idea historical, philosophical and psychoanalytic texts.

Founder and chairman of the Freudian Association in Gothenburg.

Editor in chief of Arche, published by the Freudian Association in Gothenburg.

In 2006, awarded ”Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques”, by the French Ministry of Education.

Part of the jury that will elect the winner of the Per Lagerkvist Price, founded in 2010. The price – which is in the amount of 100.000 Swedish crowns and meant to reward a distinguished authorship in the spirit of Per Lagerkvist – will be awarded every other year in celebration of Per Lagerkvist’s memory.Per Magnus Johansson was elected a honorary member of the Swedish Psychoanalytical Association (associated with IPA), after the recommendation of the board of directors. The decision was taken unanimously by the 140 members present.

”The Board suggests that Per Magnus Johansson is accepted as honorary member as a result of the very valuable contributions he has made and is making for psychoanalysis in Sweden. He has been at the centre of the creation and support of a creative psychoanalytical culture in western Sweden, among other things as founder of the Freudian association in Gothenburg and editor of Arche, journal of psychoanalysis, the humanities, and architecture (formerly Psykoanalytisk Tid/Skrift). He is the author of several books, among others, Freuds psykoanalys (Freud’s Psychoanalysis), in four volumes (two volumes of which deal with the development of psychoanalysis in Sweden), and to a great number or articles. He is also responsible for volume IV of the Swedish Freud-edition. His knowledge of and contacts with French psychoanalysis and its representatives are of great value for psychoanalysis in Sweden.”

December 2014: Per Magnus Johansson was elected a member of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences.